Four reasons to buy a Multiflex board

Many owners of VW T5 or T6 Caravelle or Multivan, or with VW T5 or T6 Transporter conversions could benefit from acquiring a Multiflex board. There are definitely many pros and hardly ever any cons that can be in support of making the buying decision. Here are the most obvious ones:
1 A large bed
Adding a Multiflex board at the back of a van makes it possible to create a large sleeping surface when the three seated bench is in reclined position. It makes a double bed with sufficient length, increasing the surface by approx. 45%. This improves the comfort and the quality of your sleep. Combined with a purpose made mattress topper, one can get a better sleep than using the seat only. Some may argue, but how is this going to help me in my day today life? Well, converting your daily commuter or work horse in a camper in a matter of minutes, makes your van even more versatile. All those weekend or long trips will be more enjoyable.
2 A sturdy parcel shelf
The Multiflex board can be a great deal of help when using the van daily. For example, it can serve as a luggage orginiser. The sturdiness of the board made of plywood allows loading of heavy goods up to 180 kg. VW vans provide lots of boot space which remains fairly unutilised properly. However, the Multiflex board can fix this. After the installation of the board you will have 2-level boot space behind the rear seat and this will make organizing the luggage much easier.
Further to this, you can have the same benefit when on holiday. To illustrate this, imagine that you have a large suitcase on the floor of the boot and there is pile of other stuff on top of it. In order to get something from the suitcase you would have to unload all of it, and then to load it again. However, with the help of a Multiflex board the luggage will be easily accessible.
3 Easy installation and removal
The Multiflex board is simple piece of kit and pretty easy to install. You don’t need any special skills or fancy instruments. You don’t need any instructions either. Usually it takes no more than an hour to assemble and install. All the parts needed are included in the set. It comes to you boxed.
4 It is an investment and not expenditure
One might think that buying a Multiflex board is a rather an expenditure than an investment, but think again. The Multiflex board gives you many advantages that will make your daily life easier and your holidays more enjoyable.
Of course there are low-price alternatives and variations, although here at STee FRee we believe that quality matters. We have been constantly improving our products led by our customers’ critical feedback.

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